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Rebrand, my foot. Well done, Hindraf!
Feb 4, 08 9:46am
How come no one was aware of the plight of the Indians for the last 50 years? Was the BN leadership deaf or the MIC dumb? Syabas to Hindraf. 100 percent of the credit goes to them.

On Najib waves stick and offers carrot
Sunbaga: How 'cute' of Najib to agree that there are serious problem which need to be addressed. How come no one was aware of these for the last 50 years. Was the BN leadership deaf or the MIC dumb?
Syabas to Hindraf. 100 percent of the credit goes to them ... and only them.

On Seven issues affecting the Indians
Inthian: After months of trying to tell the Indian Malaysians that the government and MIC cares, now he comes up with seven issues affecting the Indians. After leading the MIC for 30 years only now he seems to have diognosed the problem.

The mainstream media reported that the government would channel RM3.8million to Chinese schools in Penang and another RM3.5million to Chinese schools in Johor. The same paper reported that eight Indian-based NGO's received a mere RM10,000 each in Butterworth. What kind of government allocation is this?What is the MIC, which claims to be the sole representative for the Indians, doing about his?

Are the Tamil schools so well-maintained that they dont deserve this kind of aid? Samy is the sole representative for the Indians ... does he need another 30 years to get it for us?
(Courtesy of malaysiakini.com)

This shows that,Makkal Sakthi and the spirit is alive and we will be selling ourselves for nothing.The only thing that in our minds is Betterment of our community after 50 years of marginalisation.

Makkal Sakthi Vellum!!


multidimid said...

Yes, he apologized. On the temples' issue, Najib said the government would ensure relocation of temples was done orderly. He said the demolition of the Padang Jawa Temple in Klang in November last year, just a few days before Deepavali, should not be repeated.
"That was wrong on their part. We are sorry for that," he added. There are about 24,000 temples in the country.
For MORE details, PICS & Video – Najib’s Goodies for the Indians to Vote BN – Samy’s 7 Urgent Demands; PM Abdullah Also Promises & a Hulu Trengganu Polytechnic.
Go H E R E
And even the release of the Hindraf 5 now would be of no use as the Indian Community is determined to use this GE 2008 to put Samy Vellu in political oblivion.

Anonymous said...

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