Change of language,and introduction of URIMAIPOR.

Attention to all http://www.25nov2007.blogspot.com/ readers,

From 1st February 2008,this blog will be published only in English and Malay.This is due to comments and responses that i recieve from some of the readers,who said they can't read tamil.To make things easy,I'm transfering all tamil posts to other blog, http://www.urimaipor.blogspot.com/.

Not to say i snub Tamil,cause I Love Tamil.This change is due to common observations.I feel that,a Tamil blog should be named in Tamil.For example,Satishkumar's blog http://www.olaichuvadi.blogspot.com/ All the content of the blog is in Tamil,just like the name.

'25nov2007' is a date which is symbolic for the Indians uprising for fight for the rights. So,i think it will be symbolic when we address certain issues to non-indians.And i think it will be easier to those indians who cant read tamil.(I hope they will learn Tamil asap,coz Tamil is our mothertongue wat?!)

Both blogs, http://www.25nov2007.blogspot.com/. and http://www.urimaipor.blogspot.com/ is dedicated to HINDRAF5.So keep support my blogs,as you all support Makkal Sakthi and HINDRAF.

Makkal Sakthi Vellum.

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