Malaysian Indians in London Rallied to 10,Downing Street(Official Residence on British PM Gordon Brown)

Yesterday(1st February of 2008),as planned earlier,Malaysian Indians who resides in London gathered in front 10,Downing Street,Prime Minister Official Residence to stage a peaceful demonstration and submit a memorandum to British Prime Minster Mr.Gordon Brown.

Led by HINDRAF's founder&leader Mr.Waythamoorthy,about 300 Malaysian Indians(largely Tamils) gathered there.According to the news that earlier today we recieve from London,most of the demonstrators seen holding life size pictures of HINDRAF5 that detained under Malaysian Govt's draconian law ISA.And they were also holding banner which demand Britain PM's immediate intervence to settle the problem of Malaysian Indians.

Earlier,we had recieved some unconfirmed news that Mr.Brown himself will attend and accept the memorandum.But,during the demo,Mr.Gordon Brown has sent one of his personal assistant to accept the memorandum.Britain Police had permitted this demonstration and gave full co-operation to run this demonstration without any unwanted incident.(Malaysian Police have to learn so many things from them)

After the submission of memo to British PM officials,around 3pm local time,Malaysian Indians led by Mr.Waytha,gathered in front of High Commision of India in London.
There,they were warmly welcomed by the Indian High Commisioner for UK.4 of the represantives had met Indian High Commioner personally and we understand that Indian High Commisioner was happy to accept the memo,and stated his concern about Malaysian Indians.

The memorandum which submitted to Mr.Brown and Indian High Commisioner for UK containing detailed information about UMNO led Malaysian Govts atrocities against ethnic Indians in the country.The memo also containing detailed information of indirect ethnic cleansing that Malaysian govt is practising against ethnic Indians.The memo also pledged both Britain and Indian govt to pressure Malaysian Govt to release 5 HINDRAF leaders who were detained illegaly under draconian ISA law.

After the massive rally held on 25th November 2007,seems like world countries start to understand the rationale behind our struggles,and our fights.If international community didn't take immidiate actions,Malaysia can become another Sri Lanka,where Eelam Tamils stood up and fighting to seperate their nation.Continous marginalisation and supression had led Sri Lanka to long-time civil war which claimed about 80,000 lives.Sri Lanka which snubbed all the peaceful efforts by Eelam Tamils,is paying their price now.We hope Malaysian Govt(leadership) will be smart enough to settle our problem in peaceful ways,rather then any harsh ways.

The fight has begun,
We have thousands of rights to claim back,
We have just one life to sacrisfie!!

Makkal Sakthi Vellum!!

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