7 Issues that affecting Indians....Samyvellu lists down

There are seven critical issues that have caused uneasiness among the indian community and the goverment must immediately take steps to address them.The seven are :

  • an equitable participation in share market;
  • Indian intake in public universities;
  • better employment oppurtinities,especially in the public sector;
  • increase the number of goverment scholarships;
  • greater access to entrepreneurship training and micro credit loans;
  • an effective urban poverty eradication programme;and
  • the establishment of a dedicated mechanism to monitor and evaluate the delievery of of public sector services in a just and fair manner
MIC President S.Samyvellu,in listing out these seven grouses,urged the govermnet to resolve these issues immediately as they have hindered the party's efforts to ensure the upward mobility of the Indians,Bernama reported.
"The Indians have very high expectations and are demandingfrom MIC greater inclusion,access and their rights in the socio-economic development on par with the other communities."he said at the MIC special convention for branch chairmen at the Putra World Trade Centre today.
The work minister,who has come under increasing criticism for the failures of the community,said that Indians wanted just and fair treatment from goverment.Elobrating on the seven grouses,Samyvellu said the MIC wanted the goverment to ensure equitable participation in the share market through the establishment of a special mechanism such as the Permodalan Nasional Berhad(PNB) in order to attain the three per cent equity target by 2020.
He also added that the MIC could only complement the programmes provided by the govermnet for Indians but these initiative were not sufficent to re-alter the the socio-economic disadvantages of the community.
He expressed his confidence that the goverment would take speedy action on the seven issues which have been forwarded to the goverment several months ago."We have been continuosly discussing with the goverment to resolve these issues and I am confident of speedy solution,"he was added.
He said the present unhappiness among the indian community would not dampen the party's resolve to retain all the seats."With the peoples loyalty and support to the Barisan Nasional,the MIC scored 100 per cent success in 2004 general election.The Indians realise the Barisan goverment had always served the people's interest and had brought socio-economic progress to all races,"he said.

Finally,the sole Minister of Indians has admitted that Malaysian Indians are unhappy over the current govt's policies.And he urged govt to take imeediate actions to resolve Indians problems.And he also declared that Malaysian Indians still trust UMNO led Barisan Nasional Goverment.By saying 'MIC only can complement the programmes provided by goverment' Samyvellu reinstated his loyalty to his UMNO bosses.What has goverment done for Indians??Can MIC or any of its leaders can list down??

We dont say Goverment did nothing for us;but they had done very little!!We ask for 100,they give us only 4 or 5,and MIC or Samyvellu himself will state their thankful to their bosses over this 4 or 5 things.At the first place this so called community leaders should question goverment why the rest 95 or 96 is declined at the first place,that is the criteria that people wish to see in their leaders.But they wont do that,they will say(on behalf of their UMNO bosses) that other 95 or 96 requests are still under consideration,and people should be patient.Until when we have to be patient??!!
We're tired of being patience for past 50 years.That is the main reason why we came to street on November 25th last year.In past 30 years the losses that our community came through was lot.Especially a Minister post.After Samyvellu took reign as a MIC chief,there's no more 2 Indians in Cabinet.The sole Indian Power in Malaysian Cabinet is Mr.Samyvellu himself.By his agrressive style of administration he controlled each and everyone of his party member and became the sole power in party.

And Samyvellu since then holding his Party President post,and with his aggressive leadership,controlling his party well.But,Indians don't need a aggressive party leader but an aggressive Indian Minister,or an aggressive community leader.The way Samyvellu work as community leader is not sufficent.
Every decision regarding Indians by the goverment is taken by Cabinet is in consent of Samyvellu himself,then how can all the injustice had happenend to us???
Samyvellu might argue that Indians are fine in this country,but Indian community not in line of context with him.We feel that we had been marginalised.And the current leadership of the community is unable to lead us correct path.

All this long Samyvellu has been talking and telling the world that Indians are fine in this country(even in his current India trip),and why suddenly he admitted that there is some issues that make Indians unhappy??

Is that becauese of nearing General Election??

Samy thinks that people will champion him because he has voiced out for us,but he forgot that peoples are not that stupid to believe his stunts due to election fever.He may think that he still rule the Indians in Malaysia.But he should know that after the born of HINDRAF people are free to think and will against anyone who is against Peoples Power.Samyvellu is against HINDRAF and Peoples Power,so he should know that he's going to lose this battle for the rights,coz always,only.....
Makkal Sakthi Vellum.

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