Thaipusam Holiday for Federal Terroteries(KL and PUTRAJAYA)

Thaipusam Holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya!!!

What about other states that not given Public Holidays???
Especially Perlis???
Since Perak,Penang,Negeri Sembilan,Selangor,and Johor has declared Thaipusam as Public Holiday in their calendar,what about Kedah,Perlis,Pahang,Kelantan,Terengganu,Sabah,and Sarawak???

Is PM or UMNO led goverment saying that,no Indians are living in this states???
Or Malaysian Goverment thinks that Indians who are living in this states are not Malaysian and they dont need Public Holiday from Malaysian Goverment???

Our people all around the country deserves Public Holiday!!!

Dont just fool around Mr.PM.
We know this is your election tactics!!!
You want to regain our supports which you lose,during November 25th Permenantly Colonialised Malaysian Indians Eye Opener Rally!!!

Dont just think that,by announcing Thaipusam as Public Holiday for Federal Terroteries,infront of sell out crowd,you can win our hearts!!!!

We knew all this old cunning tactics!!!

We have our own cunning man in our community who we call semi value!!!

Malaysian Indians regardless,whichever states they're in deserves Public Holidays!!!

But,we still welcome your effort to win our hearts back,but what we need is sincerety and not cunning acts like this!!!

You're trying to satisfy our community which is hurt by your ignorance for almost 50 years!!!
And after,our beloved Heroes voice out our frustration,you're playing double-game!!!

Enough is Enough!!!

Time to win back whatever we deserve!!!

Fight for the rights will continue!!!

Makkal Sakthi Vellum!!!

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