Dr.M says......and........I says,

On Marginalised Indians......Dr.M says,
I wont agree that Indians are marginalized in this country.But I will say MIC doesn’t represent Indians in proper way.MIC’s argument that it is a sole represent of Indians is not true.They’re not allowin other Indian parties or NGOs to represent Indiabs.They want to be conquerors of Indians in Malaysia.This led to Indians dissatisfaction.

On HINDRAF........Dr.M says,
Use of ISA against HINDRAF leaders is not appropriate.Goverment should talked with them at the first place.Goverment should discussed with them,debated with them.at the first place.Without listen to their plight and arguments,we can’t judge them.The sudden invoke of ISA against the HINDRAF leaders is not appropriate

On Nov 25th Rally........Dr.M says,
Indians are minority in Malaysia,and I Think,they’re desperate.They chosen street demonstration,cause I think there is no proper channel for them to voice out their frustration.

I've been waiting for Dr.M's comment on HINDRAF for all these while.Finally.

On Marginalised Indians........I says,
I dont agree,if Dr.M says no indians are marginalised.We can prove that we've been marginalised for a very long period.And during his(Dr.M)though indians achieved lot but also we were in slight discrimination and marginalisation.
And during Dr.M's reign the mini genocide did happened in Taman Medan.
And i don't understand how come an inteligent like Dr.M can deny this truths!!!

On HINDRAF.........I says,
100% correct.That is what we're demanding from the first place.We hope PM will listen to our plights.At first,they charged our youngsters under Attempted Murder charge,then put bail amount for our leaders at tens of thousands,and finally invoked draconian ISA against our leaders.
I still remember,during Dr.M's time as a premier,a chinese group in this country questioned special status of Malays as Bumiputera.Dr.M never threaten them with ISA,never called them THUGS,never ever use abusive words against them.But he held forums with the group.And the problem settled in easy way.Thats the differences between good leader and sleeping leader.

On Nov 25th Rally........I says,

Yes,we're minority,that is the reason for our struggles!!We've been marginalised cause we're minority,We,ve been permenatly colonialised cause we're minority,And we're desperate too.Desperate for equal rights,Basic Human Rights.

And our so called channel to voice out our desires is Make Indians Cry.And the channel is corrupted from head to toe. We came to streets,cause we knew Peoples Power wont lose.

Makkal Sakthi Vellum!!

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